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我们提供全球认可潜水组织 SDI TDI ERDI 以及PADI潜水课程,所有课程均由InfinityDive专业的教练团队任教,为学员提供最优质教学。所有课程有效期一年,课程时间十分弹性,只需要于有效期内完成理论, 泳池, 出海的要求时数及达到课程表现要求就可以完成课程, 就可以获得国际认可潜水员证书 , 成为合格国际潜水员!

We are offering world wide recognized dive training courses with certifications from SDI TDI ERDI and PADI. All courses are conducted by our highly professional team to make sure that all of our students can receive the best quality training. The valid time period of any course is 1 year (before the course start). The course time is very flexible. You only need to complete the theory, swimming pool training, meet the course performance requirements (within relevant time limit to complete the course. You can obtain an internationally recognized diver certificate and become a qualified diver!

Your SCUBA & Free-diving journey all start here in Sydney, get certificated with Infinity Dive NOW!

Specialty Diver:Emergency Oxygen Provider


Specialty Diver: Peak Performance (Neutral Buoyancy)


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No swimming experience needed, price $299 including 2 guided dives

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Standard PADI Freediver course

PADI 自由潜基本课程

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Easy and fun, introducing you to the beautiful marine life!

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